Sunday, September 18, 2011

Style File

Frederick's of Hollywood This is a great night time fall dress classy yet fun perfect for teens on nice dinner dates                    or even for homecoming!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Style File

So I have been getting some requests to do some day time casual looks like going out to eat at little cafe and things like that and still looking cute when just walking about town so here are my tips 

. if its hot outside wear a cute pair of jean shorts that have the destroyed look to them

. you want to wear something cute but not be uncomfortable wear something thin but cute like this peasant top from hollister

. if you don't go for the destroyed look try shorts with a cute imprint/design 

. All of these outfits are cute and comfy and also super affordable all  clothes found from

Style File

Hi guys i am starting a new segment called style file this will feature some outfits for every occasion and time of day also thinking about starting a makeup page what do you guys think comment plz!

great and easy hairstyles!

This look is simple yet sophisticated
all you have to do is slightly curl your hair
and scrunch lightly and you will have the Miley
Cyrus look in no time! 

great and easy hairstyles!

This is a very easy look to create
just simply place hair in ponytail and
straighten your pony!

Fall colors!!

 so i just found out what the fall colors are!    Bottle greens, pinky fuchsias, and sunny marigolds! so no more dreary colors this fall look for those bright vibrant colors. Also look for bright reds. here are some pictures of the fuchsia trends see more fall colors at for fall - 2011 fall colors


Hi i'm  Leila a teen who has a passion for fashion and on this blog i will share the latest trends and styles including  hair,makeup,and clothes so check out my blog and see what is in! Also i will publish any worthy designs you find including what you have made. So check in often to see whats hot and whats not.